im doing a project about tagging butterflies system, in which users will login/create account, update account, insert butterfly in database, update a butterfly in database, search for a butterfly, display a leaderboard, and a graph.

i havent done C# in a while, altho i can get the hang of it quickly, but im running out of time (1 week left). so im trying to be as simplistic as possible in functions and stuff.

i would like to get some input on a few things before i put any controls on the form:

should i use a panel for login, then another panel for registering, and this way the login panel would come up the first thing application is launched, and the user can click a button on the login panel to register instead for an account (which would switch to the register panel). after the user is logged in, i was planning to have tabs for the other functionality listed above (search, update, etc..)

make login and register also tabs, but somehow disable all other tabs of the functionalities until the user is successfully logged in. and if this second approach is better, how would i be able to enable just the login tab and register tab and when the user logs in successfully, the other tabs become clickable (or enabled?)
thnx in advance!

I would make a login form and a separate DB handling form that opens when the login is complete.