Most of the email autoresponder provides various types of services, but a customazie autoresponder needed for my cpa business, i am try to make a autoresponder with server scripting language (PHP) , but i dont know how its possiable or not?

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Can you provide us some example of code you already made?
You should create a "job" that will run let say every 5 mintues.
Go over all emails from your accout.
Find specific emails and respond on them with specific message.
In order to help you more post some code you have until now.

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Why wouldn't it be possible? The first way that comes in my mind is to create a cron job that it will run lets say each minute that logs into the email gets the new emails (a db would also help to know witch emails have been processed and what auto responders have been sent) , filter them in a way you want and send the respond emails.

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