hello to all! I am developing a data warhouse as my final year project. I have made my star schema succesfully. Now i want to make a query interface for end users so that they run their desired queries. But i am unable to understand that what type of interface should i provide them so that they can run parameterized queries? I think about interface like ms access but that is so complex to implement . Please guide me about developing the interface.
For example end user want to know that how much total fee was collected from students of bscs program in year 2012.
Manually it is so easy to write these queries for us developers. But what interface should we provide to end users?
Note: i am using java programming language and sql server 2008

You could build a simple form with an entry fields (or drop-down lists) for each column in the database. Whatever the user enters you use as search criteria.
You could have a check box next to each field, and if it's checked you summarise the results by summing over each distinct value for that field. Or just a sinle check box to sum all the results to a single result?

You can start with a really simple subset (maybe just 1 or 2 fields, no summing) and build up from there. If you have it working for 2 fields then going to n fields is trivial.

You could start by hard-wiring all the fields etc, but maybe as a later development you could build the form dynamically based on the table's actual columns