Mr Rioch D'lyma,

I have gone through your code. It looks right. It is exactly as I have it here in my textbook on the subject although you have implemented the pseudocode using C++. You are also right in stating that IT DOES NOT GIVE THE RIGHT ANSWER ! You are right. IT DOES NOT ! I have been trying to run the program using Visual Basic.NET and I am getting different answers to a sample problem
provided in the book. Clearly, the book must be WRONG !

Have you been able to solve the problem now? If so let me know.

We don't know who Mr Rioch D'lyma is, nor which book or code you're talking about. Can you please post some links to explain all this ?

commented: The Problem being talked about is implementation of the pseudocode with respect to Gaussian Elimination with Scaled Partial Pivoting. +0

New furtive way to get homework done?

commented: agrees that this must be what you wrote. +10
commented: Excellent word! +4

New furtive way to get homework done?

I learned a new word: furtive! What a cool word. I intend to use it often. This is where I really wish I knew how to use Google or the other search programs better. I want to test my theory that Stephen King uses the word "furtive" in his novels. Or Shakespeare. Definitely +rep to you ddanbe for the new word in my vocabulary. Thank you.

I was puzzling over Wallace Jnr's post myself. I can't imagine that it is a plea for us to do his homework because really, how could we? Let's assume we all got up this morning and decided that everything we originally wanted to do that day should be cancelled and we should instead do the homework for Wallace Jnr, a stranger, for free. If someone put a gun to my head and said, "Do Wallace Jnr's Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting homework", I'm a dead man because when I google the phrase, there is more than one homework assignment on . Which one is Wallace Jnr's? I guess I'd better do all of them to. One can't be furtive to the point of not telling us what we're supposed to do for him.

I'm thinking the explanation is more along the lines of "forgot to take my meds this morning". Or Rioch D'lyma is a Daniweb member and the OP wants help from him and him alone. But if that was the case, you'd just PM him. So my vote's for "forgot to take my meds this morning" or some weird trolling scheme.

Member Avatar Assert Null,

Your view is neither here nor there. The textbook I am using on the subject is called Numerical Mathematics and Computing by Ward Cheney and David Kincaid - 4th Edition. Now, I have observed that this book has some blunders in it! Now, it cannot even get the pseudocode for the Naive Gauss Elimination right! I had to think through the problem and tinker with the code until I finally got it working. Now, I have no beef against the authors. I do not believe criticising people is the best a human being can offer. I believe presenting one's view on the matter is the best a human being can offer. I guess, this may mean I have to sit on my butt and write my own book on the matter! I am not asking you to do my homework for me. This is a simple problem one must not waste time on if the pseudocode has been presented right, but unfortunately, it is not working out that way.

I am confident I would solve the problem on my own if need be. This is not a homework assignment I need to work on to present to a Professor somewhere. Trust me on this, I HAVE THE WHOLE TIME IN THE WORLD FOR THIS ENDEAVOUR.

You are entitled to your views. I respect your views but I definitely do not subscribe to them!


You should have a beef with this book. Reviews on it have not been all that good.

My advice is get a refund and go get another book.

Just one of such reviews at

You have the 4th edition and then you read the following:
" Unfortunately, there were still numerical errors (STILL! AFTER 7 EDITIONS!) and confusing examples that aren't adequately explained. "

Take a deep breath Wallace Jnr. I was just having some fun and commenting on the fact that no one could make sense of your original post. You should have put the info from your second post in your first post. And we still don't know who Rioch D'lyma is. Or what you are trying to achieve with this thread.

Member Avatar Assert Null,

I like your stance concerning NOT DOING IT FOR FREE. I like that. I appreciate that. I believe, people must be remunerated for USING THEIR BRAINS!

If I am not able to solve the problem, I am prepared to PAY you to teach me.

I appreciate that.
You definitely got it RIGHT on THAT ONE !
Well done.

Yours faithfully

Wallace Jnr

I think we have a bit of a miscommunication here Wallace Jnr. I never thought your were trying to get someone to do your work for free. My point was that from your post, no one would be able to help you, either for free or for pay because you don't state what the problem is and where you're stuck. For the record, I've never asked for nor received any money from anyone on this website for helping them. There is a "For Hire" section here, I think, but the expectation is that any help offered on the regular forums is done free of charge. There's something about people making donations and those who help get compensated for their efforts on those threads, but I'm not sure how that works and I've never gotten any money from that, nor do I expect to.

My point is that no one can help you unless you make it more clear what you need help with. I saw ddanbe's post and gave (what I hoped was) a funny answer, that's all.

Now, if there is a problem from this book that you need help with, my advice is to post what the problem is and where you're stuck (or where the book is wrong), probably in a new thread. Remember, when creating the thread, that we don't know you, we don't know Rioch D'lyma, we don't know what book you're talking about, and we don't know which example you're talking about unless you tell us.