Sending text is perfectly, but when I tried to send an image, it would send all the data except for the last 1 kilobyte of my image. How do I send the image pergectly? I have tired every other forum but I can't find anything. All the close things did not work. Thanks

socket.send() may not send all its data as per the socket module's documentation. Use sendall() for example.

I had tried using sendall, but even that will not work. I cannot find anything on google or anywhere else.

f=open('conflict.png','wb') should be out of the while loop !

I did that and it is still not sending it. I am wondering if something is interfering with the stream.

Can you post your code (in the forum please, not in github) ?

I figured out what to do. I was not creating a big enough buffer. It works now! thanks