Hello, I am doing an application in C# but I have a problem.
I need to show the volume status of the computer.
I created two pictures to show if the volume is muted or not.
I found this code but I get errors:

MMDeviceEnumerator devEnum = new MMDeviceEnumerator();
MMDevice defaultDevice = devEnum.GetDefaultAudioEndpoint(EDataFlow.eRender, ERole.eMultimedia);
defaultDevice.AudioEndpointVolume.Mute = true;

So here I will put a condition to say that if it is true show the mute picture and so on
but it doesn't recognize
like [http://imagesia.com/volume_198j4]
What I have tried:

I tried this code but it shows some errors.
I saw in some forums that I must put this:
using CoreAudioApi;
But also it shows errors.

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