Hi, l have one problem and l dont know if its possible to fix it. So we want to buy printer that staples but we need from him to staple in the way that is not common. I dont know if its possible to programme printer to do spmething like that. We are printing 50 document at the same time and three copys of all of them. If document is on one page we are stapeling that one page with two copys if the document is on more than one page we staple as normal document but three times. Please if anybody have idea how to solve this let me know. Thank you

For this you may be looking at a custom machine. Way back when I worked with print shops they would "run" such jobs but today your new to this folk think it's a machine you buy. Good luck on your hunt but do not fall for the "I'll email and post on boards" trap. That is, you must pick up the phone to the makers of stapling printers.