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I am having trouble with hp deskjet 3550 printer..the ink is full..but the problem when i print something it starts printing but when it's finish print an empty paper comes out...nothing on the paper...i tried several times but no success yet...so whats the best method to solve this problem any idea...pls help me...thanks in advance...Zulfiker.

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Have you recently installed any new print cartridges?
Have you not used the printer for quite some time?
Have you got the correct drivers installed?

Try printing a test page

Hi Xlphos
Thanks for your reply. I have not used it since long time and i installed new cartridges and the driver is right. It works and prints but the printed page in blank means without ink.Don't know why...Anyway thanks and waiting for the feedback.

Did you remove all the plastic covering from the cartridges? Take them out and check there are no bits of plastic left and make sure you don't touch any of the print nozzles.

Does the HP printer software show the ink levels?

Did you remove all the plastic covering from the cartridges? Take them out and check there are no bits of plastic left and make sure you don't touch any of the print nozzles.

Does the HP printer software show the ink levels?

Hi dear thanks for your reply.The printer software is showing ink is full for both cartridges. And there are no bits of plastic left as well.

Thanks again,

Okay have you tried cleaning the printer cartridges?
The Printer software should have an option to clean the printer heads or something like that.

just a Q, did you buy the "new" cartridges recently, or were they also bought some time ago?

I have had good luck in these situations by removing the cartridges and briefly dipping them in water. Have a paper towel handy to wipe them off.
Otherwise, try the Cleaning/Deep Cleaning option available in the printer options.
Be sure to print something at least once a week to keep the cartridges wet.

take out the printer cartridge shake it and insert it carefully.

I have the same problem on a Canon Pixma iP1880. New ink cartridge that are definitely not dried - ink comes out when put on a tissue - but NOTHING prints although it sounds normal when printing...

I had the same problem on my hp photosmart b110. New cartridges, printer is no more than 4 months... it went through the motions but no ink made it to the page... used clean printhead option. ink started working except for the black inc started smudging really bad...

I fixed mine by dipping a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and cleaning the inside of the printer where the ink would come out onto the paper, if that makes sense. My printer was clogged. Problem solved!

Same problem on hp photosmart C4780. Ran out of color a day or two ago and out of black ink this morning. Installed both new cartridges tonight but only got partial & faded prints on the alignment printout. Pressed ink end of both cartridges several times onto a folded paper towel (4 layers) moistened with water until cartridge started leaving an ink print (and I could see all 3 colors on the color cartridge). Tap cartridges on dry paper towel to remove any remaining water. Reinstalled and works perfectly!

Printer Prints But No Ink on Paper

Try printing some colorful photos.This helped me out.

my problem is canon MP145waste ink ABSORBER is full and the warning
sign of servicing the waste ink absorber is needed. any solution
please? i need the servicing code to reset the wa

hello guyz,I too have same of printer(Officejet j3406 all in one).It starts printing but nothing prints on page.But i have used it before and my print was good but suddenly it stop printing and sudden started but now problem is it not print nothing on page.MY os is windows7(32-bit) all driver installed but i can't print nor copy.Thanks for help

I have the hp deskjet f2187 & the same problem. I have not used it for a year. I have the right drivers. It's installed correctly. It says the ink cartridges are full, but the have not been used for a year.
any solutions please?

The printer need servicing as it has not been used for a long time.

i have a kodak printer and the same problem paper goes through printer but not printing. Have tried a test page and it prints fine but not when i try to print out a document

Hi friend one thing is that u can use new cartridges....

hi..we have trouble printing in our printer..since we refill the black ink after it dries out, instead it prints black,it prints color blue and the color yellow could not be printed also..

i have tried printing on an HP coloured printer but nothing showed on the paper expect a yellowish colour

hp deskjet 3550...have ink in cartridge..printing odd paper only..not printing on even side...what to do

Print out with blank. Clean the head. do the deep clean. Open up the head brown stripe. All Done.But still the same. Print out blank.

Sit in cartridge printheads in alcohol to unclog nozzles.

HP Photosmart 5510, can't get black out. All the other colors are fine but whenever I print black there's like outlines of what is supposed to come out.

hai my new cannon ink effient printer working but suddenly it has no print only blank print comes out whats the problrm

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