OK so I have a form with Navigation Buttons that open various webpages in browsers in a tab control. In order to clean up my code I would like to write a class for both the Buttons and the browsers. I have ZERO Idea as to where to start. Here is what I have now for each Buttom.

            Dim tabDynamics As New TabPage
            Dim brwsDynamics As New WebBrowser
            brwsDynamics.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
            tabDynamics.Text = "Dynamics"
            Me.tabBrowsers.SelectedTab = tabDynamics
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

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I have gone through many tutorials and I am stiil getting the same error

Topic! Your topic is one thing so if you have a new topic about an error, then post about that along with enough code for folk to figure it out.

Also, if you post 100+ lines, sure but tell us the error and line number. This thread's topic is not about your code and error, just what you asked.

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