Having a real trouble getting a form to launch, which has previously worked.
I have a series of buttons set up on a menu screen, each button launches a different form in the same project. For each 'click' event there are two lines of code: a DIM statement to set up the form object then a show or showdialog. For one of the buttons, for one particular user I get a 'User name or Password incorrect' error message.

    Private Sub btnReviewing2_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnReviewing2.Click
            Dim myReviewForm As New frmReviewing
      End Sub

The error appears on the main menu, it does not seem to actually get as far as launching the new form (the new form doesn't appear on screen, and I put a 'Messagebox' statement on the first line of the load sub for the new form which doesn't display), so I am working on the problem being on the menu page. I am not using any user identification code in either the menu or the new form
Has anyone come across this before?

So are you saying that when you click on one of the buttons, without getting asked to enter any user credentials, the form doesn't appear and you get an error message about an incorrect user anme or password?
So code would help. Can you post that up?