Im writing a program for college and we have to write an MOT Quotation program that prints to text file that is created through the use of a function or procedure:

This is the specification:

When the user clicks the Calculate Total button: Print button becomes available and on click message box asking if they would like the quotation printed. For this program, printing the quotation will involve writing the details to a text file C:\temp\CARSERVICE-QUOTE.txt with the following format:

The print feature should be implemented as a function or procedure. You can use ControlChars constants such as VbCrLf and VbTab to format your output as appropriate.

*If there is any more information needed I can send screenshots etc, its due tomorrow and this is the final piece I need to get it working

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I can't imagine that I/O wasn't one of the first things covered in whatever programming course you are taking but here is an example

    Dim text() = {"line 1", "line 2", "line 3"}

    Dim sw As New System.IO.StreamWriter("D:\output.txt")

    For Each line As String In text


its due tomorrow


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