I want to write out a DXF file with line arc and maybe spline.

My issue is documentation; While I have looked at AutoCAD's site I feel that there isnt enough to say "here is a BMP of a circle. Lets take it and convert it using this code". Its too garbled up and doesnt make things clear.

Could someone lend a hand on finding a good and easy way on how to do this?

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A circle in CAD is a very simple entity--it's just a point with a radius.
Not sure why you would want to import a .BMP just to draw a circle.
Anyway, here is a link to the AutoDesk site with DXF manuals for many iterations.
I would suggest to use an earlier implementation as later versions are more complex.
Presuming you already know how to write a text file in Delphi, writing a DXF should be pretty straightforward.
If you have AutoCAD, you could start a new drawing, draw a single entity such as a circle and save it as a DXF (again if you save it as an older version it will tend to be simpler), then open it in notepad and examine the data that was produced. In this manner you should be able to produce a readable DXF without too much effort.
If this is not what you wanted to do, then you would need to elaborate further.

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