why? help sir

Is there a C:\HasilScan20170717034600.jpg file or did you forget a backslash and meant:

Nothing wrong i see a video on youtube exactly the same as my code but why my project is not running?

Let's start with an answer to my first question.


I followed this command then error, and I changed the storage to my own folder but it was still an error..

The code above looks broken. You claim things I can't check for you.

For example if the target folder is HasilScan then you need one more backslash.

It's a trivial thing but with what you reveal and no answer to my question it's the most likely answer.

Just to be specific to the problem exactly. The error indicate that it couldn't find the file you specified, and it also say that you didn't handle such expection by using a Try method.

What could help in this problem is to ensure that the file path is correct.

Open your file explorer, go inside the folder where your image is located.

Once you there on the explorer at the very top, there is a URL box (TextBox) which shows you where you currently are, move your mouse the the end of the text inside that textbox then click and copy it to your code and at the end of it put a / then your image name. AFter done that reRun you program and your problem of image location should be resolved.

Check the bellow images as to what I meant above. Sample1.png Sample2.png

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