Hi please help me

VB.NET source program that could get a name of database SQL Server file from user and show all tables and fields and size and also SP , view

Please answer me
If you put the source code of the program, I am very grateful
Iam very much in need

Yes but stack overflow refuses to help him because of their strict rules against discussions. So why can't we? It's not like he already got an amazing answer elsewhere.

For what it's worth, I apologize but I don't know VB.net, and we ask that you put some effort into your question with a description of where you're stuck and how we can help. We can't just write a whole database driven app for you. Plus you haven't provided any specifics.

OK Dani,

Here goes. Let's say I have a MySQL server and my goal is to "show all tables and fields and size". My first step has nothing to do with VB at all. What is my first step?

-> I run my SQL command line tool and create the command needed to show all tables on the SQL server. That is then written down for later use in my VB app. Next I craft my SQL command to the table structure then size and note that for my VB app.

Now I'm almost ready to start my VB app work. I'm running into folk that won't work on their apps in a stepwise method. Hopefull this will get them going.

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