Hai All,
i have just completed a course in learning VB.net and would like to do a small project using VB.net. It would be of great help if anyone could suggest a project.


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Hello, I am a newbie here at Daniweb. I am glad to have joined a community that is all about programming and coding.

I have done a course on VB.NET recently, but have not as yet had any exposure to writing codes or building any modules based on logical reference. A lot of opportunities are available for freelance programmers now, but the problem is that they insist on our being experienced. So I want some experience to talk about when I push my claims to my programming ability. So I think my friends here in Daniweb can help me by providing sample programming modules in VB.NET and C++. It will also be a challenge for me. I would send the finished modueles back to you for evaluation, at the earliest.

I wish I woud receive all help in this regard from all here.


I wish I woud receive all help in this regard from all here.

I can help by saying wishful thinking is unlikely to get you very far. And neither will posting on the end of two year old threads.

I recommend you re-post in the correct Community Introduction forum here:


and read this:


and this:


That will help you understand how to use this forum properly and get the most out of it.

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