im kindof new to these things.iv just learnt a little python and am looking to learning something about parsing XML from APIs etc.
could anyone give me a few pointers. also any advice as to what should i learn from now on would be very much appreciated(could you please incllude a few good recent links too).
i havent yet taken up tkinter/wx because im a little confused as to which i should start.

thanks in advance:)

Re: XML advice 80 80

For learning about Python and XML see this website:

For GUI package for Python I would use wxPython. It is much more powerful than Tkinter.

Python is useful for just about anything you are interested in. Things like scientific calculations, problem solving, working with databases, networking, WEB programming, audiovisual processing, text processing and many more.

Take short look at "Projects for Beginners"

and Python code snippets on Daniweb.

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