I would like to know how can we place the textbox dynamically over a datagrid.
My requirement is ;
I have a datagrid , with filles datas.And when i click on a particular cell, then a tectbox, with multline ability, should be displayed exactly in the same position as that of the clikced cell.

I tried with dynamucally creating and placing a textbox on 'cellmouse click' event.but it is getting placed on the form and not above the datagrid's clicked cell.Can anyone help me.

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Any code you will write on server side (ASP.Net) will cause a round trip to the server (page refresh) and anything you do on the client side with JScript won't affect the real datagrid which is on the server side. You might put a template column but this would only add one multiline textbox for each row. You might consider using Atlas.Net or a AJAX variant but in either case it is difficult. I advise you to reevaluate your UI design and add one more step/page if required.

Loren Soth

hi Loren Soth ,
Thank you for your message.
iam not using asp.net/java script.
But iam using VB.net that too winforms.

The scenario is that, the datagrid shows the details of operation done on a Patient.ANd one column in the grid , that is the last column is 'Operation Outcome'.So when viewing the datagrid, if the client wants to update the 'Operation Outcome', he/she should be able to do this.And since the 'Outcome' can be multiline, when the grid column is clicked , i need to show a textbox above that datagrid column, so that when he finishes the typing and leave the focus, the content is saved.
So what should be done.

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