I have one doubt. I did creat a new software from vb 6.0. Database management system. I am using MS access database. that is saved and connectivity in my C drive. And I did out put the exe file. What i need na, i did install this software one of my computer and another one computer ( 2 systems). But when i am use that software from 2nd computer then the data need to save first computer(But i am using Access database connection path is my first computer). how can i solve this.

pls help

OK... first off, if you don't mind me asking, why did you settle on VB 6.0 and MS Access? Is there a specific need for that particular (20 year old, no longer supported) version of Visual Basic, or any reason why you couldn't use either the built-in Access VBA (depending on the version of Access - more on that in a moment), or conversely, a version - any version - of Visual Basic NET?

I ask because the reasons may have some bearing on the answers we give, and the options at your disposal.

The next question is, what version of Access are you using, and on a related note, what version of Windows is this running on? I ask this mainly because both VB 6.0 and editions of Access older than, uhm, I am not sure off hand but I think it would be 2003, might not run correctly (or at all) on version of Windows more recent than Vista, at least not directly (though you could be using an emulator or virtualizer I suppose).

The last question is, is there existing data already in the Access database, and do you have it properly backed up? I ask this because, aside from the usual concerns of disk failures and power surges and so forth, Access (especially 97 and earlier) is notoriously unstable when you are doing a lot of changes, as is typical of testing during development. I recall the problems this can cause all too keenly, and I assure you, you don't want that to happen on the sole copy of your data.

I am using MS Access2010 Version and windows 10

And the reason you are using VB 6.0 and MS Access is?

I am not saying it is wrong to do so, but it is a bit unusual, which makes me think there's more information we'd need in order to help you. The reasons for using those - and some facts about the application domain and the purpose of the project - is perhaps the main thing we need to know right now, in fact.

I will say that I suspect you are going to find the goal a difficult one, as I don't know how well VB 6.0 works with Access 2010 (I am surprised they interop at all, really, as MS had dropped support for all pre-.NET versions of Visual BASIC in 2008) and just as importantly, I am not certain that the solution you are trying to implement is the best one.

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