Hello everyone how are you doing? I wonder if there is a way i can send a notification or URL from my website to user mobile from PC browser for free, just to confirm the user is real?

Why not send them an email where they need to click a link to verify their email address? You want to verify theri phone number? I'm unfortunately not sure of any services that do that for free. A lot of services do it ... I'm just not sure of any free ones off the top of my head.

I want to test things out, so i got this idea but am not too sure if it can be done for free, btw how much money companies charge to send SMS to the phone?

EDIT: I dont want via email because its too old method so am searching for something new, better and lets say easier.

Just because text messaging account confirmation is newer, does not imply that it is better than email verification.

Email verification is still required by all the major ISPs if you plan on building a mailing list or emailing your users for any reason.

Do you have any estimated amount of the price for SMS? Or recommend me a network that do this i will see for myself. :)

You can also buy an sms gateway device, or just a phone that allows AT commands. From there it costs however much your local carrier charges per month for access to their network.

Alternatively, every phone number is an email address to their respective carrier. Ex: 555555555@tmomail.net will send an sms to that phone number on the tmobile network. They will not forward, however, by you have to know the network for this method to work.

I short - for commercial or production, there is no good free option at the moment.