Im about to have my big brake and i'm gonna ask you about creating a music app like spotify? Do you know where to start from?

Start by learning how to program.

Sorry for being so blunt but based on the effort you put into asking the question, what type of answer were you expecting? We have no idea of your abilities or education and you have apparently not read the Daniweb Posting Rules or Suggestions For Posting Questions.

Please give both of those a good read through and feel free to post more specific questions.

G'day to you too.

Jim is right. We don't know if you are a complete beginner, a jedi master database wrangler, or anywhere else inbetween. So we have no idea at what level we should be discussing this. Help us to help you by giving us a lot more background.

Actually the start is the concept. Then the team building. Such an app is on phones, PCs, smart TVs and what else today? This means that for you to get such a system up today your team would be quite diverse plus a legal team and a content wrangling team. Even on a small scale this would mean a few hundred team members. For you as their leader, well, you get to do mostly vision planning and of course, find the money.

If you wuold build a mobile app like spotify I would suggest go and start by learning building a crossplatform app with cordova.


Learn how to use JavaScript, Bootstrap, TypeScript, Angular.IO, Express, NodeJS and MySql for the Backend.
Then you can all do whateveryou like.
Passion and a clear Vision is the key!

Cheers, Helmut

There are usually so many things to consider before getting to bespoke development. First of all, the type of application you are going to create. It's obvious, you may say, -- Music streaming app. However, there are a few types of streaming music services:
Music Library. Simply put, you can create a server-based music library and provide your customers with access to it under your conditions -- flat rate, free or partially free access.
Cloud Storage. You let the users store their songs and stream them anywhere and anytime they like.
Theme Radio Stations. This kind of apps is for drawing Radio Stations together and arranging them by certain themes, which can be streamed to PC, home audio or any mobile device.
The process and strategy of app creation directly depend on which type of streaming app you want to have. Another significant factor is the set of features your application is going to have. As usual, there is a required feature set and some additional features to make your app stand out.

Great idea as everyone likes music.
Start with a market research. Find the leaders. Then:

1) Idea is everything. Come up with something unique.

2) Think about how to provide legal music content to subcribers.

3) Development. In-house or remote - the choice is yours.

Create an MVP. And finally take it to the test
After the application is ready, you need to provide in-depth testing to make sure no detail is forgotten and you are ready to rock your creature into the world. e.