So I need to create a how-to video like this one, I dont know what they're called I tried a few terms on google but got nothing, if anyone knows do share. CREDITS: Biteable Thanks

That doesn't seem to be too special. Some video editor (what is and how to use all over the web.)

You screen capture what you are making a tutorial of (again, screen capture discussions are well done.)

Then those video snippets are pulled into your video editor, you add your voice and done. Once in a while someone thinks it's done all with one app. My son's college major was Film production so nope, anyone thinking they can avoid choosing and learning their tools is in for a rude awakening.

It's not a real screen capture though. It seems to be an animated wireframe style. I found some results for similar things when Googling for UI wireframe animation, animated wireframe video, and build wireframe mockup video.

Here are some links I found that may help:


Hope this helps.

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