SELECT SUM([BTL].dbo.OrderTable.Quantity) AS 'Totalquentity',Count(BTL.dbo.OrderTable.OrderID) as TotalOrder

            FROM [BTL].dbo.OrderTable
            JOIN [BTL].dbo.Products
            ON [BTL].dbo.OrderTable.ProductID=[BTL].dbo.Products.ProductID
            Left JOIN [BTL].dbo.Brand
            ON [BTL].dbo.Products.BrandID=[BTL].dbo.Brand.BrandID  
            WHERE  [BTL].dbo.OrderTable.EmployeeID='1' 
            Group by [BTL].dbo.Brand.BrandName,[BTL].dbo.Brand.BrandID"

            I Want to get avg

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Welcome to the forum. Your post however needs work. You left out what language you were working in. Don't count on everyone thinking "it's SQL" or maybe you need the result to show on a web site.

Read the next link then update your post with your missing detail and …

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Replace sum with avg. But average (mean) is meaningless without standard deviation, so you'd better work that out too.

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