This may sound wierd, or easy, I just don't have a statistics background. How do I alter the statistical value of an array of emmitted random numbers? I am completely capable of using ranges, or creating an algorithim, I just need pseudo code or a brief description to guide me through the process. This is not homework. This would mean I essentially generate randoms, and the final result has a statistical probability. Thanks!

Yes that's odd. Why would you want the statistical value to change? Most math gives us the result but you ask how to change the result.

If you want a certain answer, forget math and just set the answer as you wish.

What do you mean by "the statistical value"? If it's "average, std deviation etc" then you can't alter them except by altering the random numbers. Eg adding .7 to each value will increase the average by .7

Or, are you looking to convert uniformly distributed random numbers into a set that follows the standard bell curve? If so Google "random uniform to normal distribution" (but the easiest approximation is to add together 12 randoms (0-1) and subtract 6... an implementation of the Central Limit theorem)

As you already posted a snippet in C# here, perhaps this snippet will put you on the way.

I think I have a better idea than you guys how to do this. I recently created a casino random numbers algorithim which would instead of emitting a random value, it would emit a random percentage. This random percentage would determine which value to emit. In case anyone needs the solution to the problem. If one needs to emit them at a certain frequency one simply specifies the percentage of the time you wish to emit that value. It is really quite simple. If one has a file of random numbers you wish to emit to casino slot machines via encrypted serivice, one simply creates a file download api, and creates emissions until the frequencies are past a certain number where the emissions would become uniform. You therefore have to emit for a certain duration in order for the emissions to become that frequency. One would also increase the emission time in case one would want a really good random file of that frequency.