how can i print out in textbox a void * value ?
here is the code:

uintptr_t offsetFromBuffer = (uintptr_t)internalAddress - (uintptr_t)&buffer;       
void * healthDecAddress = (void*)(currentChunk + offsetFromBuffer);

richTextBox1->Text = healthDecAddress; // how can i do it right ?
commented: how can i convert the string to System String ? +0

how can i convert the string to System String ?

  1. worked but gives wrong value :"to_string" meant to convert int in to string the healthDecaddress is a address from memory so it is Hex number.
    i guess that using to_string causing the healthDecaddress losing the actual hex value and its printing normal numbers 0 to 9.
    any other way i can do that ?
    my code:
    richTextBox1->Text = "Fount the adress" + Environment::NewLine;
    String^ MyString = gcnew String(std::to_string((uintptr_t)&healthDecAddress).c_str());
    richTextBox1->Text = "addr " + MyString + Environment::NewLine;
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