If Anyone Knows , can you please help me how to import the text file to JTable by using JFilechooser ?

Even the text file contains the specific charecters line length

eg: idUsernamePasswordEmailAgeGender ( ID = 2 Chars, Username = 10 chars ( if username not having 10 chars means, it include space for that, password = 5 chars, email = 5 chars, Age = 2 chars, Gender = 1 chars)
Here is my code :

i am not getting error .
Here i attached my code link.

And my text file values : ( i saved in sampleinput.txt)

Output is :




But i need the text file in Jtable by using jfilechooser. plz help me...

Thanks in advance

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Duplicate posting of the same question asked and answered on coderanch. Also apparently posted on dreamincode.

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Hi ikoren
That example you linked to was created by Amruta Sriram (the originator of this thread) and is exactly the same as (s)he posted here.
The link you suggested is in the original post.
The people at coderanch did a perfectly good job of answering it, so I have no idea why it has been re-posted here.
It looks like Amruta Sriram is a time waster, and I wouldn't waste any of your time unless we get some clarification of why it was re-posted.


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