I created a program for my daughter and its a little rough around the edges. I need to make some improvements to it but stuck. I want it to be able to save input data and be able to load it back in so every time you start the program it doesn't get amnesia. Any help on the following would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

# questor.py # define some constants for future usekQuestion = 'question'kGuess = 'guess'# define a function for asking yes/no questionsdef yesno(prompt): ans = raw_input(prompt) return (ans[0]=='y' or ans[0]=='Y')# define a node in the question tree (either question or guess)class Qnode: # initialization method def __init__(self,guess): self.nodetype = kGuess self.desc = guess # get the question to ask def query(self): if (self.nodetype == kQuestion): return self.desc + " " elif (self.nodetype == kGuess): return "Is it a " + self.desc + "? " else: return "Error: invalid node type!" # return new node, given a boolean response def nextnode(self,answer): return self.nodes[answer] # turn a guess node into a question node and add new item # give a question, the new item, and the answer for that item def makeQuest( self, question, newitem, newanswer ): # create new nodes for the new answer and old answer newAnsNode = Qnode(newitem) oldAnsNode = Qnode(self.desc) # turn this node into a question node self.nodetype = kQuestion self.desc = question # assign the yes and no nodes appropriately self.nodes = {newanswer:newAnsNode, not newanswerdAnsNode} def traverse(fromNode): # ask the question yes = yesno( fromNode.query() ) # if this is a guess node, then did we get it right? if (fromNode.nodetype == kGuess): if (yes): print "I'm a genius!!!" return # if we didn't get it right, return the node return fromNode # if it's a question node, then ask another question return traverse( fromNode.nextnode(yes) )def run(): # start with a single guess node topNode = Qnode('python') done = 0 while not done: # ask questions till we get to the end result = traverse( topNode ) # if result is a node, we need to add a question if (result): item = raw_input("OK, what were you thinking of? ") print "Enter a question that distinguishes a", print item, "from a", result.desc + ":" q = raw_input() ans = yesno("What is the answer for " + item + "? ") result.makeQuest( q, item, ans ) print "Got it." # repeat until done print done = not yesno("Do another? ") print# immediate-mode commands, for drag-and-drop or execfile() executionif __name__ == '__main__': run() print raw_input("press Return>")else: print "Module questor imported." print "To run, type: questor.run()" print "To reload after changes to the source, type: reload(questor)"# end of questor.py

Wow! Your code is hard to read!

See Dani's remarks at: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/announcement114-3.html

The common way to save data each time you use a program is to save it to a data file. Then bring in the latest saved data each time the program is run. If you want to save data as an object like a complete list, use the module pickle or cpickle.