hai friends
hai friends I am begginer to java, i want know how to read a html header....
plz any one give me a possible solution....:rolleyes:
thanks for helping....

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It would really be better if u start from the basics rather than jumping to advanced concepts of which u have no idea. Its better to learn on your own rather than getting a code from someone and running it.

I hope u understand that just getting the solution to ur prob is not important but rather understanding the concepts behind them is more imp.

Just learn the basics and u wouldnt need any help regarding ur problem.

'hai' is Japanese for 'yes', and has no place in the sentences you used it in.
I'm not your friend.
'plz' is not a word in any language I'm aware of (and I know quite a few well enough to recognise them).
'begginer' is similarly a nonexistent word.
So is 'u' b.t.w.
html headers don't exist.

But in case you're looking for HTTP headers, they're just Strings you can get from the HTTP request as it comes in.
There are some packages which nicely parse them for you, but you can also just intercepts the raw data as it comes in to the network connection on your machine and look at it there.

Thank you very much....... for your suggestion.....I will follow that

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