Dear friends,

I have a number of buttons ( New, Search, Update) on my Parent form (IsMdiContainer set to true) which work very well but once I load and unload a child form (from ToolsstripMenuItem), the buttons do NOT work anymore (i.e., one just clicks onthe buttons and nothing happens). Grateful if you can help me with this VB.NET issue. Thanks a lot

Well, I found the solution - it was quite a silly one in fact!
It is just to ELIMINATE the call to <InitializeComponent> when clicking on the Toolstrip menu to launch the MDI child form.
In general, the <InitializeComponent> is a default constructor in a new class, you can see it all in your Formdesigner in the Solution Explorer of your VS .... but in my case it was just deactivating controls on the MDI parent once I load and unload a child form.

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