Major Reasons
Unclear or vague project requirements

Defining project specifications is the first step in executing a successful project. In their eagerness to please potential clients and close a deal, companies often overlook details that could derail a project down the line.

Poor or limited communication

Effective communication is crucial to the success of any project. Just because you’ve understood the client’s requirements, doesn’t mean that your developers have. Sometimes, employees are too shy to voice doubts or ask questions. Lofty management on the other hand, is not entirely transparent with the client either.

Poor planning

In a survey by Innotas, 55% of IT professionals indicated that their development project failed due to lack of time, staff, and budget. The primary reason behind this is poor planning. Many companies don’t do a proper feasibility study, or even give much thoughts to the real logistics of a project. This can cause unrealistic expectations (usually on the optimistic side) and that invariably leads to stress and disappointment.

Substandard engineers

If a project goes pear shaped despite thorough requirement analysis, planning, and communication, it might be time to face a nasty truth: your developers just aren’t good enough. It doesn’t matter how thorough you are with planning or logistics: if the engineers aren’t up to scratch, the project is in trouble.

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I'm going to have to disagree. I've been on projects where the client's requirements were met, the app did exactly what the client asked for and the project targets were not met.

There are plenty of examples like this in the game market where the game does exactly what the client wanted yet the sales and user base targets never were met.

The client was at fault entirely, not "your developers just aren’t good enough."

commented: The old "That's just what I asked for but not what I wanted" scenario. +15
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