I need help.. someone please provide some suggestions where to start.. I'm trying so hard to become a Fullstack .Net developer.. I'm currently learning MVC using C#

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That's quite the undertaking so how many years are you going to put into this? How many years have you put in so far?

I'm seeing folk want to do this but think it can be achieved in some weekend bootcamp. Hint: Nope.

Since a Full Stack developer includes back end, front end and command line work, https://www.google.com/search?q=most+common+backend+for+full+stack&gl=US gives a quick view of your next few or past years of work.

thanks but I would like to ask.. should I go AngularJS or KnockOutJS?

Knockout for quick low complexity work, Angular for large systems. I don't know who your clients are so just like a car you get the SUV if you get only one choice of vehicle. Nod to Angular.

I started learning logo design a while ago and hit Udemy for some courses. There are other reliable websites filled with courses, which might give you the info you need.

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