Up until 5 days ago Outlook 2011 on my iMac was working fine -but now it recieves emails but I cannot send them - all it does is save them as drafts.

I have it setup so it receives and sends from my (imap) gmail account (as I said it was fine until a few days ago). *I changed nothing - no reason to.

So searching the web produced a lot of "change the settings to this or that" but none of those remedies worked.

Has this happened to anyone, is there a fix for this? or does anyone know how to get Outlook running again - I use it for my business

In the accounts settings (where you enter the connection info) there should be a Test Connection button. What happens when you click it?

is it just for iMac?

Before you click on Outlook, hold down the alt key then click on Outlook. It will bring up the idenity box. Highlight your identy and then click on the "rebuild" button. This hopefully will fix any problems you have. The other thing you can do is add a second identy and see if you can send from that one. Your iMac is not the problem this sounds like a software issue.

Richard M Abaid
Macintosh Consultant

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