I created a font to replace the English language font. It uses bitmap shapes and is a ttf type font. I want to be able to devise a way to use that font in my Revenline journal program I wrote in Liberty Basic and have it save the data in those bitrmap shapes so what I see in the editor, is what I get in my data file. If I view the data in a file viewer, I do not want to see English I want to see my data displayed in my font. Any ideas on how to make that a reality?

Thanks in advance.


I can't test this for you since "Liberty BASIC is a commercial computer programming language and integrated development environment."

As to the file viewer my bet is it is a TEXT viewer and as such would show in most cases ASCII or 8 bit text. Now if you wanted to write a data file in UNICODE, again I can't offer direct help since Liberty BASIC is nothing I can install since it's not free. But you could try creating an unicode text file.

Ideas at https://www.google.com/search?q=visual+basic+write+unicode+text+files