I am a begineer in programming. I have started to work on the app using tkinter. I would like to add a contact form (similar to Django) to my app so a user can send me a message with queries.
This message would be sent to my email address. I tried to use the smtplib module but without success. It looks to me that the smtplib module requires an autorisation (login and password) to my email.
I would like a user to send a meesage via the app. Once received I can reply directly from my email address.

Maybe there is a simple example for this? I will appreciate any help/directions on this.


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"You're not wrong."

About SMTP email needing account information. That info would be your or their account. I'd stop thinking about that now as you also run into the next brick wall about spam lists, filters and more. Think over how else data can find its way back to you. What other methods have you explored or heard of?

You mention Django so maybe you have a server on the Internet you can send it to?
Maybe POST some data to your web server which logs that into your database?
Example? https://www.w3schools.com/python/ref_requests_post.asp

commented: Thank you for your response. Unfortunetly I dont have a server on the internet. My app is built in tkinter and hoped there is an easy solution. +0

As rproffitt mentioned, you have to connect to a SMTP server in order to send an email. If you do not want to have your app users provide their credentials so that the app can connect to their SMTP mail server, then you would need to store the credentials in your app to connect to a public SMTP server (like a generic Google email account) so that the app can send emails to you. Make sure that you can connect to the SMTP server via an encrypted connection (like SMTPS), as you won't want to send the login credentials in the clear. And you might want to make sure you add this generic email account to your own white list to avoid having it marked as spam. HTH, Hunter.

@protoclown, since the app is in Python, they would be sending out pure text so that SMTP information would be easy to read. Next thing you know is someone will use it to spam or worse.

@ KaroIP, there are lots of services that can be had for free or free for a time. I can't possibly list them all. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/mysql/search/?&ef_id=Cj0KCQjwm9D0BRCMARIsAIfvfIYiucn_Jca0oNHRrO0mAedpo96Njo_1UJkZ34d2YxjwLJAr8_DLe_saAnWXEALw_wcB:G:s&OCID=AID2000128_SEM_PvKJHIAo&MarinID=PvKJHIAo_307750399611_%2Bmysql_b_c__45917785585_kwd-296883658770&lnkd=Google_Azure_Nonbrand&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9D0BRCMARIsAIfvfIYiucn_Jca0oNHRrO0mAedpo96Njo_1UJkZ34d2YxjwLJAr8_DLe_saAnWXEALw_wcB

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