WAP to check student is first ,second or third .
If number is greater than equal to 60->>first
If number is greater than equal to 45->>second
If number is greater than equal to 33->>third
If other than that ->>fail

Reverend Jim commented: Lazy AND rude. -3

What is WAP? As I deal with networks that would be Wireless Access Point so that's not right.

As to the rest, we ask you to show your work and explain where you are stuck.

You can use python if-else block to solve this problem:

i = raw_input("Enter marks : ") 
if  i >= 60:
elif i < 60 and i >= 45:
elif i < 45 and i >= 33:

Why the redundant tests?
Line 4: we know that i<60 because of the if test in line 2, so that part of the test is redundant.
Ditto the <45 on line 6

I assume that you are either a beginner or a non programmer. Here is how your problem can be solved.I have tried to modify the above answer to make it a more easy for you.

marks = int(input("Enter marks : "))
if  marks >= 60:
elif marks >= 45:
elif marks >= 33:

Also if you want to know how this code actually works, read this article Python from scratch

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