Hi everyone,

can someone please help me and give advice as to which software solution to use for the business process described below:

Process description by person :


1 By using the PowerPoint software, create the background image file by updating the title, date, speaker and background image
2 Upload the image file to Dropbox

  1. Create the audio file by recording the speech
  2. Upload the audio recording to Dropbox
  3. Send the Whatsapp message to Person 2 (mixing and publishing to youtube) “File are ready for download and further processing”
  4. Wait for Person2 to create themp4 video file
  5. Send the Youtube video link to the general public using facebook messenger
  6. Process complete


1 Receive notification of the uploaded audio m4a and visual PPT files from Person 1 via whatsapp
2 Download PPT file from Dropbox
3 Download m4a audio file from Dropbox
4.Convert PPT file into PNG image by
a)print Screen,
b) paste into Paint,
d)save as PNG
4 Upload m4a and PNG to online converter of audio and image into video
5 Download mp4 video file created from the m4a and PPT
6 Begin upload to youtube newly created mp4 video file
7 Click on series of checkboxes in youtube video-upload process
7 Complete upload on youtube
8 Via Whatsapp, send the link to Person1
9 Confirm to Person1 “pleasure to work on this”



I.Replace Power Point Processing (update title, speaker and background image) with “Text to image module”
II.Automate sending of files to Person2 with accompanying Whatsapp message
III.Automate sharing the youtube video link to Facebook Messenger


i.Replace download of the m4a and the PPT file with automatic upload to the online converter of audio and image into video
ii.Replace download from the “online converter of audio and image into video” with automatic upload to youtube and notification to both Person1 and Person2

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Just ideas.

Person 1:

  1. For scripted or automating image and text work, we used ImageMagick. In case you need to know if ImageMagick can put text on images, read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ImageMagick
  2. For this step of uploading files and Whatsapp I'd turn to PYTHON. Python can do this. Remember my reply is to share the tools I would use to accomplish the automation goals. It is not an offer to write the applications.
  3. Python can post to Facebook so again my choice of tools would be Python.

Person 2:

  1. This one can be unclear. There are many command line tools out there to edit, produce videos and with Python we can tie it all together. Python again has many skills at upload and downloading.
  2. Again, Python would be my choice.

Thanks! Are you talking about the web application or desktop program ?

commented: Since Python can run on a server, most computers under a lot of OSes, my answer is both. +15
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