can someone suggest me a good topic for major project.
good if it is in .NET

Sure. You have a salesman who travels from city to city by car. There are roads connecting every city to each other, but they're all of different lengths. All you have to do is write a program to figure out the shortest round-trip path the salesman can take while visiting every city only once. Make sure you have at least 20 cities in your test case.

Do this, and the world will make you a bazillionaire. No joke.

Make a game of RiskTego. It's exactly the same as Risk, but instead of rolling dice at each battle, players play a game of Stratego (or Chess, if you prefer).

If a multiplayer hotseat games is still too simple, make it an online or network game, whereby each team has:
1) a General, who moves his team's armies around the Risk board
2) several lieutenants, who are in charge of playing the Stratego battles.

"Takes an hour to learn but a lifetime to complete."

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