I need a software that can automatically log into a series of accounts to a website, available data acount list, we need software to automatically log in continuously to check whether the account is alive or dead and check. check nickname in the game, and amount in the account

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Let's begin with there is no ready to use app. As you are posting on a Software Development Forum this means you intend to write this.

That said, I would not write this in c, c++, java or use microsoft-access. I would turn to Python.

Also noteworthy is your app could be contrued to be an attempt to hack accounts. Be careful here to not make others think that.

Here's some priors about using Python to log into websites: https://www.google.com/search?&q=python+log+into+website

That would be the first step in developing your full blown app.

PS. I'm going to warn you off about continuously doing this as some sites are smart about this and will consider continuous logins to be a sign of an attack and shut down that account.

commented: can you do me a software like that, i'm in vietnam websites in vietnam are not smart enough as you say +0

@royvip well, Vietnamese here :D You can do it by any Programming Language. If you wanna one I can give you a guideline.

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