Hello. I'm new to the whole Linux thing and I have something for a topic.

In Windows you can produce characters with accents via a shortcut. For example: " followed by e brings forth ë. I miss this in Linux. Somebody told me that I should ask for help writing software by myself to make this possible. That's why I opened this topic.

I'm not very experienced with programming. The only thing I ever did is creating a game. It's not even finished. I have a Github account.

I'm hoping to meet someone who gets me through this.



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Maybe you could try an AutoHotKey system like AutoKey ( https://github.com/autokey/autokey ) to make what you want.

Ever used macros and apps like AutoHotKey? Much easier than a year or two under the Linux hood.

It's done. I just had to change the Input Source. I can produce characters with accents now through AltGr and dead keys.

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