I need an end user license agreement for code shared amongst my home projects with other developers. The EULA needs to include a "pay to the order of x" clause, and also needs to include the ability for me to utilze the code at multiple companies that I could participate in. I suspect the EULA may need to be fairly complete, and preclude explicitly illicit usage. If we could have a discussion that would be cool. I was learning about EULA's in college but haven't made one for real life yet.

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This could be a very long discussion but it's your EULA so write it as best you can, have it reviewed by other team members and see what they think.

Let me share a story about work I did for a company. They wanted to own my code but they didn't employ me or pay in advance so my choice was to keep ownership of both code and algorithms but give them a license to use. To add some humor to the agreement I added the license was valid for the planet known as Earth. They ran it past their legal department and we worked together for decades.

Why don't you show us what you have so far and we can critique it / make suggestions?

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