I'm working as a Software Engineer. You can imagine, how will be my work? I used to work when I'm in my home too, especially, during the month ends. The problem is, I'm not able to access my internet during the day time .there will be a connectivity problem. Planning to replace the internet box at home . It's disgusting to use it. But instead of being attached to a phone cable, my friend suggested the replacement of cable and placing portable internet solutions. I enquired about the connection and heard that a portable WiFi device enables us to take the internet with us even during a trip. I need a pocket-sized mobile hotspot so that it'd be easy to handle. A portable WiFi device will enable you to set up your own private internet connection, practically anywhere in the world.
Folks, do anyone has got any idea regarding the number of devices we can connect? Are they available at affordable prices? Please share your thought. Thank You!

That's the Unicorn. I can write that such fails as you move about the world. China for example and so on. What you want is doable but will be tailored to each country and what Internet connections are available. To make matters worse you would deploy 5G overseas in some areas but 3 or 4G in NA.