Hello..alllllI have to manage CVS repository using ANT, I will be given ear files and have to update this files in CVS.Can any one please help me out ??? Im new to CVS never used before :(How shall I make new repository, I dnt want any coding stuff just some ideas I have 5 countires and they all have different components... and I have planned to prepare one common folder where I can manage all common components...Why I am using CVS, becasue every time i send pacakge to any of this country I forget some componetns which are modified If its not clear please post new Q... Thanking you in advance...Taps

Are you on a unix, linux or windows machine?

There are different cvs products for each I think.

You are going to have to do a lot of reading on cvs to get good at it. But there are CVS commands written into ANT, which should help you out quite a bit. Just remember when copying to set defaultexcludes to no so all the CVS directories and files get copied too.

General CVS Info

If you're on a windows machine there is a grapical user interface (for connecting to a CVS repository) called Tortoise CVS which is very good.

HeyThanks a lot... yes on unix server ...


Get their CVS book, their project automation book, their unittesting book, and maybe others that sound interesting.
Great reads, great information in a package you can actually use.

Thanks a lot for your reply and sending me such useful bookBut I have one more Q How shall I manage this configration manegementThere is folder which contain all binary files (ear)and there are 5 countries with all different components.All binary files are in one folder and I have to prepare directory so that all common components are listed in common directory and different components are listed in directory of countries...I dnt understand how shall i mange it..; can u please guide me by giving some example pleaseeeeeee...Taps

Typically it is best to store the source files and then create binaries from the source after doing a checkout. But if you're unable to do that, its fine.

For storing your data in CVS I think I would create a commons module and then a module for every contry that you have. So you would have 6 modules total.

Those books will help you set things up and decide what to put in CVS and what not :)

hooknc is right in stating that build artifacts typically have no place in your VCS (certainly not in the project that creates them) and that you should slice up your system in logically independent parts and handle those as separate (sub)projects.

hey thanks Yes, I have planned in same way.. regarding ur second ans...But, it was not clear for me for ur first suggestion actally I receive binary files from provider... and its all stored in one direcotry but not at all managed....So.. need to mange it according to version... and then send all common components in COMMON...Hope gng right?...Thanks for ur help :)

Yeah, that will work.

But, what I was trying to explain is that normally binary distributions are not stored in cvs. normally the actual code is stored into cvs then after a checkout is completed the source code is compiled into a binary. BUT, in your situation you're doing the best that you can and really that is all anyone can ask right? Store the binaries and let us know how it works out for you.

If you're using 3rd party libraries (which seems to be the case here) there's nothing wrong with storing those in binary form as that's the only form you have.

Thanks... guys....Yeps will catch u soon... :)