I am trying to develop a college project that will help a user who uses dial-up method to connect to the Internet to setup a connection on their computer. The same software will also guide a user to configure email programs such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook (OE/ME) and also configure Internet Browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox. Initially the software will be for Windows® platform only.The cd should auto install when inserted on the computer.I am realy concerned about coding using visual basic 6.0.Please help.

Evans Vete

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What do you mean by guide them? Like, give them steps, or are you talking about having them type the info into the VB App, and then having The VB Program actually change the settings?


By "guide them", I mean I can have a userform where the client put in details like name,surname,email address and password.Then the programme should input these details on the dail up network connection and create a mail account on Outlook Express automaticaly without the client's need to do this manualy.

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