hi to everyone! thanks for the responses.. how could i create an os by means of vb6? is that possible? i have learned that c,c++ and asm are the appropriate program for creating such, but still i want to use vb because it is the one i am inclined with,im fond of it.. even not a real one, as long as it looks like an operating system. i need it for our project. thanks for the replies. have a blessed day! God bless!

Well, you can redesign the windows interface with VB, sure. You can not, and I'll say this again, for good measure, you CAN NOT build an OS with VB. In order to build an OS, it requires low level hardware access (to the processor, to RAM, file management, etc). If you want to replace explorer.exe, you can do that, but a better solution, is to have your VB app actually terminate explorer.exe, and load everything yourself. Keep in mind, when you write your own "shell", you won't have a system tray, a taskbar, a desktop (no start button). Your app has to supply it all. There is a program, bb4win, which does this.