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hi all,i dont know how to create a DLL and once created how to use that dll in a standard exe project.so plz guide me for the same by giving a simple example.All kind of hepls are greatly appriciated


Creating a DLL? Well its just a Compiled Class...
Try playing with this..

Create a New ActiveX Dll Project, then on the Menu > Click Add-Ins > Add-In Manager

A window will show and Double Click VB 6 Class Builder Utility

To use the Class Builder, in the Menu, Click Add-Ins > Class Builder Utility

Just play with it by adding Property, Event, Enum and Methods...

You can add the Compiled class (DLL) by going to Menu > Project > References

Just Browse it..

Then once its added, you can use it by doing something like this

Dim xClass as New Class1

xClass will be the Variable and Class1 will be your DLL (Class)..

Hope it Helps...

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