hello there everyone!! is there anyone who can help me to start creating an operating system. i don't have any idea on to start. i understand c language, but i dont have enough knowledge for such process. all i need is the simple concept or the simple/basic code for creating such.. pls help me. i will appreciate your responses. thanks!! God bless.

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hello everyone! thank you for your responses. i greatly appreciate though years have passed by, and here i am again. God bless


i am going to create os in c please help me.how to start and create.

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First you bump an old thread - and then you don't even bother to take note of the resources quoted in the previous posts.

i will create os please help me?

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You do the coding and I'll do marketing, yeah, that'll work
My conclusion is that you're incapable of reading - so an OS is out of the question.
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