plz teach me how to create a role playing game using c++ or any programming language?

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have you tried anything? i personally recomend learning c++. For exampley, i have a c++ game where it the compiler generates a random # and asks the user to guess until, they found the right number. It's kinna kool game.....was that what you were kinna looking for?

No one on a forum can teach you how to make a game.

You need to learn how to program first before you start thinking about making games.

I dont think in c++ you can make a playble game .It needs heavy softwares like flash,3d max..

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darsh999..u can make games using c++ which require user input.

Another great website to look at for help with OpenGL, a graphics package is:

The site has examples in many different programming languages, if you choose not to use C++

You might want to look up the book: Beginning C++ though game programming by Michael Dawson

tbx for the advice

Well i personally recommend learning c++ by some professionals because from there you can learn to make games also...

plz teach me how to create a role playing game using c++ or any programming language?

Creating playable game in C/C++ is very easy, you need only little bit of imagination and information about game. First take any simple game and try it on paper i.e. create your own algo. It's very important to create algo first bcoz it will tell you what next.
For learning purpose check out this site :

This thread is from '07.... why bump it?

I dont think in c++ you can make a playble game .It needs heavy softwares like flash,3d max..

It's one of the top languages for it. For small games Flash and such is fine, but for larger projects C++ is the way to go. All you need is a decent engine.

3ds Max is just modeling software....

C++ is the best.

Just to pop in as a reality check.
Simple user input guessing game and such are simple to achieve and C++ perfectly capable. If however you are wanting to look into something not text based and a using graphics....more like a modern game for example Call of Duty. Then you have alot of work to do.

Before you can even start thinking about making a game you need to spend a good few years mastering C++ and knowing it inside out!

Once you have reached this stage then you can start looking into graphics library's such as OpenGL and DirectX. Which will enable you to create games with basically no limits. The best language to develop in is going to be C++ without a doubt.

3D max and other 3D modelling software such as blender and Maya, are sides which you (ideally: pretty much a must) can use to create 3D models to be loaded into your game.

For example DirectX can import .X files containing mesh's and texture rendering details about and object as well as many other things. Belder for example has a python script attached to it to allow you to export these .X files.

You will NOT create a 'modern' game from the off, you need a good number of years behind you, and a very good understanding of the language and graphics API you intend to use.
don't assume that someone can teach you anything about games programming. Sure there are people that can teach you the math behind detecting which triangle a moving point passes through at a given time, based on some given criteria such as trojectory, speed, resistance and many other things. But ultimately you will have to implement this yourself.

It's not easy and never will be. You will beat it for 5+ years i would imagine before you can create anything that is a reasonable game.


Yup a decent text-based rpg with maps, random encounters, stats, inventory etc... still takes ages to code.

You gotta be familiar with OOP, file I/O, loops, arrays, selection, string manipulation, random number generation.

I managed to whip up a game like that from scratch (i use java noy c++ though) using a book and the internet. I worked through all the tutorials then tried to apply them, by making said game. Took me about 3-4 months.

You gotta know the language WELL and have a good understanding of the progarmming concepts before you attempt a large project like a game, but its a good challenge as you learn a lot.

Im currently working on a form-based interface for my text RPG as well as possibility of multiplayer play via sockets. Estimated completion time another 3-4 months.

GUI based games (let alone 3d games) are a whole different ball game.

I dont think in c++ you can make a playble game .It needs heavy softwares like flash,3d max..

that is a lie, im not sure if you know how much of a lie that is but it is quite the opposite. you don't need flash (i don't recommend it) and you don't "need" 3ds max even. c++ is where its at son and i suggest you go to your local library and pick up some documentation. learn yourself some c++.... please.

as for an answer to this question, this website has prolly more tutorials than you'll find anywhere else and so i recommend you start reading up.

I think c++ is very much used for developing games.

I think c++ is very much used for developing games.

No shit sherlock. Did you actually read the thread, or is making "I agree" posts an hobby of yours?

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Hey about that random number thing, do you have BloodShed C++ compiler and are you using their example and saying it's yours? Because I have a BloodShed C++ compiler and in there Examples\JackPot\JackPot.cpp is a game in which it generates a random number. If so please do not say it's yours. It's illegal. So don't do it.

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