It's raining in the desert today, a rare event indeed! My dog is on the veranda and is totally dumbfounded! She thinks out here water comes from the ground up (sprinklers), not from the sky down. Megabucks is a desert colored Cairn Terrier, loves to hunt rabbits and quail in the wash, chases coyotes and plays with the ever plentiful giant scorpion.

Well Chris, how is your spooky house coming along? Any questions, let us know!

Just need to finish the bathroom, second Servant's Quarters and ending. Then I'll be done.

I meant, should I def a room class, and make room objects with specific instructions?

Hmm, if you're still interested in doing it the object-oriented way, I've been working on a Python framework for text adventures for some time now, and it's coming into more active development.

It's functional now, although I want to make it broader than people ever thought text adventures would be.

People are right when they say it can be amazingly complex. But, the nice thing is, when something is done properly, it's done and you can use it over and over again without having to do it again—and if it's documented properly, everyone else can, too.

I still plan to rework a lot of things in my system, though, seeing as part of the reason I was doing this was to improve my programming skills and learn new ways of doing things (I've seen better ways to implement some of what I did that will make future programming easier). It does help a lot in that regard, but it takes a lot of time.

I use linked lists for the map system instead of arrays. This provides a lot of flexibility not otherwise found, although it makes making a visual display of the map more difficult, but it makes it easier to make maps of real areas. Anyway, linked lists are nice because they don't have to fit into the limited format of a grid. Sometimes people will want one room to be larger than another, and grids aren't really great for that, seeing as each grid unit is the same size and shape. Plus, it's nice to be able to have south be the return direction of northwest once in a while—the reason might not be intuitive, but if you try to make text adventure maps of real areas, you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested at all, and we can confer. So far, I'm the only one who's been working on this project. I need to do a little more work before I can segment off jobs to other people (since I didn't have that in mind from the beginning), but I do plan for it now. So, if anyone's interested, let me know. I plan to release this project with a free, open source license (perhaps the AGPLv3).

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