My teacher told me to remove this from the constructor

cout<<"Enter your coordinates player1: ";
cout<<"\nEnter your coordinates player2: ";

He also told me to use just one function for both & use player # as an argument to the function.

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ya know marceta right,if you dont think for your self you will never really progress.Knowledge is diffrent from wisdom.If you cant process the knowledge you have you will be really nothing more than a hardisk.Learn and remember this.

Never put i/o in classes.Use other funtions for that and call the construtor with parameter.Better yet use contructors only to assign default values to the variable and use a funtion like init() to initialise the variables.

This would sure enhance the re usability of your code.(I agree with you teacher)


I'm interesting in this tic-tat-toe program too. Just wonder do you have any idea in the program logic so that the computer will never loose.
Thanks a lot!


i seem to be having the same problem with the tic tac toe. I honestly have no idea where to start and i am in high school taking a college course. your explantions have been useful but im still a bit confused about everything.


>Ok, how would you implement the Tic.c program recursively?
So start your own thread, ask a proper question and check out the rules. We have no idea what you are trying to implement recursively (aside from the fact that it's a Tic Tac Toe game), and you haven't shown as any code.

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start figurin something out for yourself! youve had plenty of help.

how to make this program if(pass==asd123) its just because i dont know whats wrong about this program

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