I want to create my own cursor image by importing an exsiting .ico file, but every time the VS6.0 automatically imported it into resources as ICON file, even I name it as IDC_CURSOR1, I can not use " wndclass.hCursor = LoadCursor (hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE (IDC_CURSOR1)) ;" to create my own cursor

You have to include it in the resource .rc file and the resource.h file like this.
Assume the icon file is iconfile.ico
resource.h: #define IDC_CURSOR1 1001 resource.rc:

#include "resource.h"
IDC_CURSOR1 ICON "iconfile.ico"

Then you have to compile it using the rc.exe which is included in the platform sdk bin folder. rc.exe resource.rc this results a resource.res file in your source folder.

after that you have to link the resource.res file to the executable when building. cl /EHsc source.c /link resource.res What is the IDE that you are using?