Can u guid me , how to connect the java with xml and I need to get the Data's from any database. Through a common xml file i need to fetch the data and an view through xml.. Can u help me how to do it using java.


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That's a very old article, well and truely overtaken by events.

Those requirements are extremely vague and silly btw, impossible for me to see what you're saying you need to do and I severely doubt you understand it yourself.
It makes no sense at all.

look at what I said,

this might be good, didn't really read it just glanced quickly at it

. Note keywords might, and glanced over it quickly. Just trying to help out the google impaired. TY


Yaa , i got your links regarding xml and java programming . Can u give me some examples , how to pull data from database and how to retrieve the stored data's in xml using java.. Thanks for reply.


You might want to start with some basic Java tutorials first.
Then learn something about JDBC, ORM frameworks, XML and how to generate it and parse it, and maybe then start thinking about combining all that knowledge.

Noone's going to do it all for you. Not only is that not the way it's done (you should do your own work) but also the topic is WAY too broad and your questions way too vague.

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